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Wine & Liqueur




Wine, glorious wine! We have a vast selection of wine available every day at the Market Basket. Everyone has different tastes, so whether you are looking for a wine that is fresh & fruity, big & robust, sweet & decadent, or bubbly & festive, we have a wine to fit any occasion.

We sell all varieties of Red Wine, White Wine, Blush & Rose Wine, Champagne, & Sparkling Wine.

Come in and see the large selection of wines we have to offer!




If you are looking for a crafty cocktail or a lower alcohol content drink, try an aromatic liqueur as the base! Liqueurs are so tasty they really don’t need to be mixed, but can be highlighted if they are.

Some of the flavors of liqueurs that we carry are Irish Cream, Cherry, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Coffee, Apple, Chocolate, and Orange.

Come in to see the whole selection of liqueurs that we carry.

*Must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol
Please Drink Responsibly